Your virtual security
starts with VPN Kit

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Your virtual security starts with VPN Kit

Safeguard your sensitive data, browse the web anonymously, and enjoy uninterrupted access


You need only VPN Kit to solve the following issues all at once:

Just tap Start and record every word you wish!

While using VPN Kit, you’re surfing the internet with total anonymity! No more borders to visit your favorite websites

Delay recording is the best solution for those, who know the exact date/time

Tired of obtrusive advertising? No need to waste your time on unnecessary videos, pop-ups, and banners — VPN Kit will block all types of ads. Your device will work smoothly, as it does not need to use extra resources to load this traffic

You can also continue old tracks if they are related to the topic

Besides the anonymity of your connection, our app protects you from malicious sites or downloads. VPN Kit is always on guard, so easily spend your time on the internet and trust your safety to VPN Kit

There are even more reasons to install
VPN Kit right now


We trust only reliable server providers, so you can trust us! You don’t need to care about the safety of your connection, because we do this instead


We’ve already discussed the block of ads, haven’t we? It’s time to mention that the whole system of your device will work more efficiently, which saves your time and the battery of the gadget


One more feature is that VPN Kit erases any trace of your virtual actions. Your anonymity is under protection and you don’t even need to delete your browsing history, VPN Kit has already done it for you

Try VPN Kit right now and see the
benefits of absolute protection

With a premium subscription, you will receive access to the fastest servers and the most effective ad blocker. All you need is already here, with VPN Kit Premium. Trust one app and stay protected with us.

Install VPN Kit today and enjoy online security and freedom